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Fish Full

Fish with Lure 2

Most everything that I do, I do with someone in mind and/or for some reason. I very rarely make something just to make it. I found a picture a while back that I really liked of a fish jumping up out of the water to catch a dragon-fly. What drew me to this design was the way the water seemed to splash right out of the frame over a log. I had it printed and held on to it until now.

My brother-in-law had a band saw that he never used and it seemed like it was going to waste. I had a feeling he would just be getting rid of it soon, so I called him up and asked him what his plans were for this saw. His response was “I’m taking it to your house!” Perfect I thought! I get a new toy and now I have an excuse to make him something as a way of saying “Thank You!”

It didn’t take me long to remember the fish design that I had stored away for such an occasion as this. I pulled it out and got to work immediately. Once I started this piece, I began to make small changes here and there. The design called for some weeds and cat tails sticking up out of the water. I didn’t like this as much, so I removed them from my plan. I also decided to remove the dragon-fly that the fish was jumping up to grab and I inserted a fishing lure.

Since my brother-in-law is a fisherman, I knew this change would personalize this piece and make all the difference in the world. I wanted it to look like the fish had just been hooked and was being pulled up out of the water. His delight when I gave it to him makes all of this worthwhile and I would consider this a mission accomplished!

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A New Adventure at The Lace Bandana



I was flipping through our local newspaper this weekend when I came upon an article about a new local business that has just recently opened in Azle, TX. called The Lace Bandana. What caught my eye were photographs of homemade crafts and art from local artisans from around the area. I read the article to find out that a mother daughter duo has opened this unique store to give local vendors an opportunity to share in their passion of creating and selling one of a kind products.

I just had to check this out. I have lived in this area for quite some time and I have never seen such a great concept come to life. I drove out to their shop right before they closed to see what it was all about. I immediately loved the environment. I was greeted warmly as I walked in the door. I wanted to do a walk through before asking any questions about becoming a vendor. As I walked around I found some beautiful works of art, crafts, vintage items, etc. I really enjoyed looking at all of the great stuff. I was convinced, that this seemed like a great place to display my works as well.




I made my way back to the front of the store and was able to meet the mother daughter team that owns the shop. Both were extremely nice and welcoming. They provided me all of the information on becoming a vendor in their store, and before I left, I had my deposit paid and everything set to move in this coming weekend.

I am very excited to embark on this new adventure. I have never had any of my work displayed in a shop of this sort before, and I am anxious to join The Lace Bandana team. We are set to move in on 03/30/2013, so if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look at what we have in store and what this new shop has to offer. I will continue to keep you updated on the move in as well as the progress of the shop. If you would like more information on The Lace Bandana you can visit their website at They will begin online sales as well very soon, so keep watch for that. They also have a Facebook page at