Butterfly Done

My newest project is of a ribbon butterfly for blood cancer research. I was contacted the other day by a wonderful lady named Jeanne who let me know that she was working with an organization called Team in Training that raises money for cancer research. She contacted me to ask if I would be willing to donate a piece to help raise funds for this cause. I was very honored that I was asked and I am excited that I could do something to help. I went online and looked into this great organization and learned that they have been working to help find a cure for 25 years and has made significant strides in cancer research. To learn more about this organization, visit Team in Training http://www.teamintraining.org/

My daughter who helps me run Chris Mobley Designs was just as excited about this project as I was. She wanted to come up with the design and help in any way that she could. I felt this was a perfect opportunity to teach her a few things about woodworking in the process.

She drew up a cancer ribbon with butterfly wings design and we started on the project that evening. We began by cutting out all of the pieces and assembling them to create the image.

Butterfly Cut out

Then it was time to sand and shape the pieces to give it that rounded look. We also decided to raise the ribbon up from the wings to help it stand out.

Butterfly Pieces

It was then time to assemble the project onto a backer. We chose to use pine on this project so that the walnut wings and the cedar ribbon would really pop against the light background.

originally, we were not going to add a frame to the design, but once everything was assembled, we decided that it would enhance the project, so we created a small frame to give it a more finished look.

Butterfly Frame

Once the frame was in place, we could seal the wood and put the finish on.

Butterfly Sprayed

I really enjoyed this project for multiple reasons. I got to spend some quality time with my daughter as we created this together and I believe that she learned a few things. In fact, when we were finished she looked at me and said “I have to get busy finding a new project to do”. This makes me feel great to know that she is enthusiastic about doing woodworking like I am. I am also very happy that I could do this piece for a good cause. I am inspired by Jeanne and the personal mission she has embarked on with Team in Training

To help Jeanne in her mission and to donate to Team in Training, visit Jeanne’s page at http://pages.teamintraining.org/ntx/txsmntri13/jlamb

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