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Longhorn Finished

I have just finished a new project that I am very excited about titled Longhorn Stampede. One of my favorite artist is Roberta Wesley. I often draw inspiration from her works. She has done a painting called “Day of the Horns” that I am very fond of, and this work inspired me to do a piece that I call Longhorn Stampede. In Roberta’s painting, the thing that draws me to it the most is the fact that the longhorn cattle seem to be running right towards you. To view Roberta Wesley’s work you can visit http://www.wesleyprints.com/index.html

I too wanted to create this illusion in my piece by layering the longhorns so that the very front longhorn is raised out of the picture the farthest and then each longhorn in the back ground is further and further back to created a 3D effect. I did this by starting with the center longhorn and working my way backwards.

I chose to do different types of wood for each longhorn in the piece to give it depth and to make it easier to differentiate each animal. Once all of the longhorns were completed, I then did the background. Like in Roberta Wesley’s painting, I also added a windmill in the background that I feel gives the project more character.

I framed the piece and added some old rusted barbed wire to the frame to give it the western rustic look.

I have been asked to take part in a local charity event that I am very excited about. The Azle Community Caring Center in Azle, TX. is putting on a Taste Tour Event on April 27th, 2013. Tickets are $25.00 each at local businesses or $30.00 on the day of the event. The taste tour is a sneak peek into 5 or 6 of Azle’s most beautiful and luxurious homes.

In each of these homes, guests will enter through the front door and walk into the kitchen/dining area. There, they will find a chef from an area restaurant or catering company who will be serving up a taste of one of their special culinary creations. Guests will walk from home to home sampling taste from around the world.

All proceeds from this taste tour will benefit the Azle Community Caring Center who does so much for our community including providing a weekend backpack of food that is sent home with about 350 children each week during the school year to ensure that the children have enough food to make it through the weekend.

I have been asked to participate in this event and to help raise money for this cause. I will be donating this piece to the Azle Community Caring Center to auction off prior to the Taste Tour. A private VIP party will be held prior to the tour where sponsors and donors will be able to bid on my piece and all the proceeds will go to the center.

For additional information on the Taste Tour and about Azle Community Caring Center visit http://www.azlecares.org

I will keep you all updated on the event as well.

For more pictures of this project, visit my website